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Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Posted 10-30-2019 12:42:38
I may add to this as I play more but so far I have noticed

1 - The companion pic shows very - and I mean VERY - large behind the creature sprite making it quite messy. can it not appear smaller in the top left of the box - it is a companion after all, not the main thing.

2 - naming - can it not have the code remain after the name but have the code in the creature list under species or appear under the name but NOT as part of it on it main page so that only it's name appears anywhere else. Usually the whole point of naming is to get rid of the ugly messy code there.

This also applies to its species. Having that on its main page is fine - making it part of the name is annoying - for eg the Battle companion under the avatar reads 'Houndower the Gyrb Wev (ZMPhv)' . It should just appear under its image as simply 'Houndower'. They get the rest of the info when they click and should click to get it's main page - this is also to encourage clicking.
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