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The Winterleaf

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The Winterleaf

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5' Long; 2.5' High
20' LBS
Insects, Seeds
Nature and Time
Leaf Midge
General Information
Winterleaves are commonly found in the creche during the twelfth year or during any of the winter seasons. This is due to the fact that their eggs can only survive in the wild in cold temperatures, but once bred in captivity the eggs can be placed in the company of a frost wyrm or icicle dragon to ensure their safety. This is thought to be due to the fact that the species was said to be born from a snowflake falling upon the leaf of the tree of life, causing the leaf and the snowflake to merge and become their own entity. If exposed to hot weather though, the leaves will start to drip and melt, often quickly after getting sick and dying. They still feel uncomfortable when surrounded by other ice creatures during the other seasons, but when winter comes around they take the chance to enjoy what they can before a new year begins.
Egg Information

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This egg has a patch of snow at the top. It is also very cold.
Baby Information

That hatchling that emerged from the cold shell is quite energetic. It often breathes a cold puff of fog and it will hang out around your icicle and frost wyrms.
Teen Information

Your hatchling has grown more, and it still enjoys hanging out with your other cold weather hatchlings. It is also extremely adorable, and often when it is winter it will go outside and play in the snow.
Adult Information

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and it is quite a beautiful sight to see. Its scales glimmer in the sunlight like snow when it is first fallen, and its wings remind you of leaves covered in snow. It will often go outside when it is snowing and roll around, often afterwards picking up snow and throwing it at your other dragons. It prefers to not eat anything though, instead it seems to love to munch and eat ice and snow, amd although you consider it odd, you prefer this to having to fetch food for it.