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1. Terms

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2. What We Collect

  1. We collect this data:

    1. - Email Address
    2. - IP Address Upon Registration
    3. - Birthday
    4. - Gender
    5. - Password ( Hashed )
    6. - Any information posted on this site by you, such as in your forum posts, pet names, usernames, private messages, and bio.
3. How do we use this data?

  1. This data is only stored and used in order to display information on the site and ensure your account security. No information is sold or traded with any companies or outside parties.
4. Who has access?

  1. This data is only able to be accessed by the Forest of Mirrors administrative staff team.
5. We use Cookies

  1. Forest of Mirrors relies upon the use of cookies in order to allow for users to log into the site. By using Forest of Mirrors, you agree to our cookie policy.
6. Safety of Personal Information

  1. This data is transferred securely to our server host, which is based within and stored in the US.
6. Removal and Updating of Personal Information

  1. Most of your information can be updated through your account settings. However, some information cannot be updated or removed. If you would like to contact us for more help, please email
    Additionally, you can mail us at:
    Data Protection Officer
    Forest of Mirrors
    3945 Forbes Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213

    However, fair warning, it is way easier to email us. There is only one admin and I travel a lot. Also, email is free, which means it is infinity times cheaper than snail mailing me.
Last Updated: 6-4-2018