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Long ago, in an age before our ages, our reality was split into two realms, The Veil and the Universe. These realms remained divided by both sides upholding a powerful protection spell, and for many eons, it was fed by the strength of humanity through their usage and reverence for the magical world, and through the strength and power of the magical realm’s many gods. Alas, we knew little, and thought that this magical duty was our chains – and in our attempts to dishonor it, deny it, and steal its power for our own uses, we doomed both dominions. As time grew longer, we wavered further, until the last mage on our world died; the spell finally shattered as the two planes were cleaved together. The new creation was plunged into chaos- our society crumbled under influences of magic our world had never seen, and their realm was destroyed as darker forces slayed masses.

The universe went dark.

The seven primal forces of the universe remained, steady through the fight, although hardly unscathed. Thousands of years later, possibly millions, they set forth to recreate the universe as they remembered it; before discovering that the barrier between the worlds could not be restored. We stand on this ground today, the result of two different worlds being destroyed to create a new one, in a land between lands. Will you step forward?
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