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The Dreamaker Dragon

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The Dreamaker Dragon

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13.5' Long; 7' High
445' LBS
Dark Mountain Peaks
Dreamaker Dragon
General Information
Dreamaker dragons are one of the rarest species of dragon, only breeding during dusk on clear, moonlight nights. Their eggs are only found in the highest regions of the mountains, often where no matter what time it is, it is always dark. They were said to have gotten their name from that fact that in old fairy tales, when seen at dusk, it was a sign that your greatest wish would come true. It is not known though, if this was purely an exaggeration or if the species actually has wish granting powers, and due to their rarity, it may never be known for sure.
Egg Information

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A small pattern of clouds are on the edge of this egg.
Baby Information

The hatchling that emerged from the beautiful egg is quite shy, but it loves to stare at the moon during dusk and watch the stars arrive.
Teen Information

Your hatchling has grown more, and it still seems to enjoy watching the moon and stars at dusk. Often, when the moon is barely visible, it will attempt to fly to it.
Adult Information

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and the underside of its wings now bears the beautiful imagery of the sky it used to look upon. Your dragon enjoys hanging out with your solar and lunar wings, and often it can be seen wandering about with a group of them. It also loves to fly at dusk, and you can often see it with a group of other dreamakers, gliding in and out of the clouds and letting the moonlight silhouette it.