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The Family Index

The registrar sighs deeply before reaching behind himself to grab a faded tome with a tattered red cover. He blows the dust off the cover and reveals the gilded text- 'A Complete Guide To All Lineages'. He grumbles in annoyance- 'They are sorted by registration date. I'm not rewriting the whole book everytime someone decides to bond two creatures'- before he quickly hands it to you, and returns back to reading his magazine. Interestingly enough, it seems to have the cover title 'Cooking Without a Fullbody Hairnet'.

Total Generations: 1
Total Members: 3
The Night Sky Family is a Singularity and Pulsar breeding project.

Total Members: 0

Total Generations: 1
Total Members: 11

Total Generations: 1
Total Members: 7

Total Generations: 1
Total Members: 4
The Demon Hunters Family is a line of specifically bred and trained Midge Hunters. They belong to a project of the same name. The goal is to work with the Midge Hunter's base instincts, not against them, to better combat the supernatural Demons that plague the lands. Members are trained from near birth to be more obedient and to have loose energy be channeled towards demon fighting.

Total Generations: 1
Total Members: 5

Total Generations: 3
Total Members: 23