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SOLVED :: Cocowyrm Won't Grow Up

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SOLVED :: Cocowyrm Won't Grow Up

Posted 11-03-2019 22:13:40
My cocowyrm (obtained via alchemy) has over 200 clicks and is still resolutely a gendered hatchling. (The encyclopedia shows it growing into an adult at 1 click, which could be the problem.)
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Post Edited by Admin @Ezriaphiel (#1)

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Posted 11-04-2019 10:54:12
That...doesn't make sense to show the usual click progression of 70 to get it hatched, 100 to get to the intermediary stage then 1 for adult.
Sadly none of these issues are even being addressed.....
Posted 03-01-2020 14:58:48
To do:
Fix in database