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How to Port Your Old Creatures!

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How to Port Your Old Creatures!

Posted 08-25-2019 01:38:03
Your first step is to go here:

Or you can find this option on account settings!
Once this has been done, log in using your old account's email and password. If you have lost this information, please email us at for assistance.

Once this has been done, you should see a list of all valid creatures. If a creature does not appear here, it was not valid for port. You can then click on one of these creatures to see an options list, and a confirm button to spend 2,500 Blue Stones and receive your pet!
Posted 08-25-2019 23:28:07
prted a hand full, couldn't afford a lot though. I also really miss all the vistas I had already unlocked/received
Posted 08-27-2019 04:26:20
I know what you mean. When I synched I only got a handful of the stones I had from the other site and I too could only port a few.
So I have to send my few dragons on scours so I can get some stones to port a few more of my dragons.
Oh well..I am still liking the new site regardless
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Posted 09-17-2019 00:14:51
Dont wish to sound rude but why do we have to pay to import our own creatures? I paid enough for some of them as it is.
Posted 09-17-2019 09:42:07
I surmise that it may be to prevent the servers from being overloaded...maybe.
I drew my own avatar :)
Posted 09-17-2019 13:35:27
Wouldn't be surprised honestly, you know how hard the nursery has it to load? Imagine several people loading in hundred of critters at once, all trying to keep their original ID or having to swap them if the original doesn't work. It would def cause some server issues. Besides the price isn't that bad, after a little while of playing the onsite game, clicking companions, scours, and doing quests it's easy to wrack up enough points for a good chunk of creatures you own.
Posted 10-28-2019 22:25:19
Yeah not happy having to pay so much to get my creatures back - but being one of the ones guilty of having a huge amount of creatures i understand why slowing down the transfer is needed - just - gnrr
Posted 11-06-2019 21:21:32
What has happened to the male sprites -only the female sprites are showing up. This seems to carry over to the new site so don't know if hatched creatures here do it.