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How did you choose your clan?

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How did you choose your clan?

Posted 08-30-2019 02:31:48
Did you go for the Personality test, Choose on your own, or let random fate decide? :0 Personally I went for the personality test(x3) and the results were expected, seeing as how I made it x3
Posted 08-30-2019 14:13:13
I decided to stay with the clan (Life) I had on the old site, though I was tempted by the quiz.
Posted 08-30-2019 16:52:25
I went with the test and got stuck with the Fire Clan.
Maybe should've stuck with the Life Clan like I was in the old account

Now that I think of it..I should have chosen the Leaf Clan.
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Posted 08-30-2019 17:39:44
I was tempted by the Quiz, but at the time thought Life would fit better. After reading the encyclopedia and looking at some of the related critters I find the Leaf clan fits me a bit better (I also like the deity's design a bit better).
Posted 08-31-2019 06:19:48
I chose wind based on the description listed on the page where the clan is chosen, but after reading the encyclopedia article, I was disappointed that the wind clan is a lot different from what I expected. The idea of valuing objects over people is... just the worst. Regret, lol.

I'll choose something else when the option becomes available, and after I've read the rest of the encyclopedia articles.
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Posted 09-05-2019 20:59:49
Yeah, if I could I would've chosen Wind as well because I love the wind but I don't like their stances.
Water, Leaf or even Dark would be my choices.

In my earlier account I was part of the Life Clan but....I cannot entirely agree with their stances.
Well..eventually I will have enough stuff to complete Deity tasks and unlock clans to join.
Posted 09-10-2019 12:27:03
I picked Water because I especially liked the design of the deity. After reading them all, I think I could have been happy with Life and maybe Light too, but Auguan Ludiculous really does appeal to me. xd He seems very fun, and I can't wait to learn more!
Posted 09-10-2019 13:46:13
After reading all the articles, my favorites are Leaf, Light and Water. I was in the Leaf clan on my old account, but I think when I have the chance I'll join the Light clan. It'll be a change of pace.
call me wren. he/him or they/them.
Posted 10-28-2019 19:40:27
I think I just randomly picked the Water clan. I looked at it, thought the deity looked nice, and clicked it :)
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Posted 10-30-2019 20:53:14
I like blue and water so stayed with water clan with choose my own.