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Posted 09-23-2019 20:37:07
Heh-heh..the mood of your gembeast is...."Blorf"
That alone made me laugh.

Ok..changed my username again from "Bendy's Friend to "BendyDemon"..this one is better..less clumsy looking

P.S: my alchemy level is 1 but the available recipes kinda suck.
I wanna recipe where I can make another Plutarian demon...they're kinda cute.
(sigh) I had to smelt a few creatures just to get my level up and all I get for recipes is a n inkwell dragon and some useless stuff....
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Posted 09-25-2019 02:04:35
i messed up... argh... i couldn't figure out why the alchemy menu wouldn't let me smelt companions so i thought i had to equip them to a creature for them to show up. yeah, i forgot you need 10 of one kind, and i don't have 10 of any kind, which was why nothing showed up when i tried to smelt them..... now i have to un-equip all these companions. augh
call me wren. he/him or they/them.
Posted 09-25-2019 17:56:18
If you leave the companions equipped, you can play with them and earn money. The amount of blue/reactor stones you get by doing that increases with time. That's how I make most of my money, in fact. If you decide to melt down companions, you can buy jade gemflies from Onroz (but only one at a time - multibuy is still broken, I think).
Posted 09-28-2019 14:11:03
Speakin' o which..I may have to make a tab just for dragons I plan to use for smelting so I can get my alchemy level up.
Just get some 'common' ones. When you think about it, it seems kinda cruel to smelt down a dragon....
Posted 09-29-2019 11:27:51
So now I am at level two of my alchemy pot and after smelting down several creatures and a few companions I get recipes for some rather useless stuff.
So now I need to find materials to make an inkwell dragon..
Posted 10-21-2019 21:05:40
Yayz! My little Plutarian demon is finally at level 20! Had to do a lot of fighting and augmenting to get it up there.

It'll take a lot to get it higher and I wonder if it is worth it..maybe it is...
Posted 10-27-2019 16:45:34
Higher levels help with contests, so I'd say that it's worth it.

(I just got an arcanus egg from scouring. Yay!)
Posted 10-30-2019 12:25:40
I wonder if there will be any sort of Halloween event/s.
I still wanna try to get a Wisp and Shock Demon as well as others but since there has been nil from the web creator since August I worry about the future of this site.
Posted 10-30-2019 23:24:05
I have seen demons as raffle prizes, so that's a way to get them for the moment.

(I'm a little concerned about the long absence as well, but the site has gone through hiatuses before and Ezriaphiel always comes back when life permits.)
Posted 10-31-2019 21:44:33
Hmm..hafta say I am a tad disappointed that there was no Halloween event. Kinda hoped for a special egg in the creche or something but..nothing doin' I guess.
Hope this place hasn't been abandoned (like so many have these days)