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Posted 08-30-2020 19:09:01
I just crocheted a lap blanket. 36 x 28....not too shabby I wager and was kinda fun too so I might make another too.

Maybe I should crochet a few things and sell them.
Posted 09-04-2020 15:19:09
Yay! New computer!!!
Everything is so much faster now especially with Windows 10.
Would've chosen Linux or somethin' but I am no programmer and I just want to turn on and go.

Windows XP was nice to a degree but when it is no longer being supported by other programs then my motherboard conked out then I was forced to get another computer.
So it all worked out.
Posted 09-15-2020 19:37:51
So right now I am in the process of crocheting a 60" x 60" blanket.
I made up my own pattern which is -after making a foundation chain and a supportive row of single stitches- is 3 rows of Single Crochet, 4 rows of Half-Double Crochet and 2 rows of Double Crochet.

After using a skein of the Premier brand 'Puzzle' Tangram color pattern then I switched to Hangman color pattern. Once that is done I will go back to Tangram and once done I might crochet a border around the entire edge to make it look a bit nicer.

I think I like crocheting better than knitting, you can easily work larger projects and don't have to worry about stitches slipping off the needle or realizing that somewhere you dropped a stitch and have to do all sorts of knitting acrobatics to fix said boo-boo. PLUS with crocheting you are not restricted to working on a tiny tip, you just make a stitch then go on.....
Posted 5 days 2 hours and 52 minutes ago
Anyone here do crochet?
When I have to change yarn I prefer to weave in the 'tails' of both the old yarn and new yarn.
I make sure each tail is about 3+ inches long (more 'cause I'm making a blankie) and then I twirl the ends together to form a nice tight braid then I just weave them into my work as I crochet.
It is barely noticeable and I can deal with the tails at the same time as I begin/continue crocheting.

Sometimes people might just weave them in using a tapestry needle but I don't want to do that if I don't have to.